Via Trey Kerby, the above mournful tweet, from J.R. Smith, the web designer (and, as his Twitter bio puts it, "NOT A BASKETBALL PLAYER"). If you're wondering how the other J.R. Smith can tell basketball season has started up, well, social media really has a way of putting people in touch with their favorite celebrities (approximately):

Those are all retweets from @jrsmith, who obviously gets a kick out of the cases of mistaken identity. The Twitter handle belonging to J.R. Smith, the basketball player, is @TheRealJRSmith, which raises some thorny ontological questions—both of the J.R. Smiths have to be considered equally "real," right? Is the more famous J.R. Smith any more human? Any more manifest in our perceptual world? Any better at basketball? Oh, well, that last one, yeah. Definitely.


Our advice to the fake J.R. Smith, as it would be to anyone: get more neck tattoos, and just start acting like the basketball-playing J.R. Smith. It's much easier to just go with it.