A Frustrated Neil Everett Muttered "Son Of A Bitch, Goddammit" Live On SportsCenter | An apparently rough episode of SportsCenter got the best of anchor Neil Everett tonight, as going to break a hot microphone caught the personality muttering some mildly inappropriate language at the end of tonight's 1 a.m. show. Read »

How To Make A Thanksgiving Side Dish: A Guide For Slackers And Overgrown Children | In regular day-to-day cooking, it's important to experiment, to personalize, to branch out, for the sake of staving off boredom, and also so that you can feel good about being an adventurous person who hunts down and consumes goodness in all its many guises. On Thanksgiving, who gives a shit? Read »

Adrien Broner Beats Antonio DeMarco, Takes WBC Title, Says "No Homo" In His Post-Fight Interview | Meet boxing's new big thing: the annoying, unfunny guy on your Facebook feed. Read »

Why Does Everyone Care Which Exit Lane Kiffin Used When He Left The Visitor's Locker Room Last Night? | Who cares which exit he took? What do we learn from this? Nothing. It's just meant to confirm previously formed opinions and fit expectations. Read »

University of Minnesota Wide Receiver A.J. Barker Writes Scathing Goodbye Letter To Head Coach Jerry Kill, Alleging Abuse And Intimidation | From a distance, it's difficult to see the line between typical and atypical verbal and physical punishment in college football-what Barker describes is, hopefully, atypical. Read »

"There Is No Such Thing As Flop!": Watch Les Miles Angrily, Then Happily, Then Jokingly, Praise His Team After A Narrow Victory | Les Miles goes through an emotional spectrum here that surpasses even the most skilled practioners of the dramatic arts. Read »