On Saturday, NFL writer Peter King accidentally tweeted out his phone number. We wrote about it. King brought up his phone number fiasco in this week's Monday Morning Quarterback column, in a section titled "The End of the 973-650-0966 Era":

Well, I did the all-time stupid thing Saturday. Thought I was direct-messaging agent David Canter on Twitter Saturday, asked him to call me, and, much to my terror, found it went to all of my followers. I bet it was up for six seconds before I took it down, but that was long enough to enable quite a few loyal Peter Kingites (and gee, thanks, Deadspin) to post the number all over the place. The final results:

Phone calls received in the five hours between posting and canceling of the number: 373.

Text messages received in that time: 255.

Angriest text message, from the 773 (suburban Chicago) area code: "You ———- skunkheaded ———. Go —— Favre. Have a nice day."

Love my fans!

You're welcome, Peter King. Also, you can all stop trying to call Peter King now.