Last week, we asked all of you to tell us what instant throwbacks would make for the best Christmas gifts, because instant throwbacks are funny. Here's what you came up with, and a few that we thought of as well.

This could also go in our gift guide for people who are sad about the NHL lockout, but it's a great instant throwback, as nothing says "instant classic" like a commemorative patch for a game that will never be played. 2013 NHL All Star Game Commemorative Patch: $12.99 [SportsK]

Via Sgt. Hammerclaw

Every Giants fan should have one of these on their Christmas list. Not only did Melky Cabrera help the team win a lot of games before he was suspended for using steroids, he also stayed out of the picture during the Giants' playoff run, so as not to sully their World Series title. Melky Cabrera Giants Jersey: $99.99 [Fansedge]

Via Eric Medeiros

A great gift for any Marlins fan who wants to remember the good old days that never were. Fuck the Marlins. Jose Reyes Marlins Jersey: $247.97 [MLB]

I mean, this shirt really stands on its own merits, aside from its instant throwback status. Who wouldn't want a shirt that features James Harden with half of his face made out of an upside down Thunder logo? James Harden Thunder Shirt: $10.99 [Fansedge]

Arsenal's former captain may be playing for arch rival Manchester United now, but that doesn't mean his old jersey can't be worn with pride. Red is a great holiday color! Robin Van Persie Arsenal Jersey: $79.99 [Just For Soccer]

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