The NHL lockout continues apace, and all of your friends who are hockey fans continue to be sad about it. Based on your helpful suggestions, here are some things you should consider buying those sad sacks for Christmas.

Just because there is no NHL hockey doesn't mean there's no hockey at all, and some of it is being played by your favorite NHL players. Like Claude Giroux, for example, who is currently playing in Berlin for the Ice Bears. Claude Giroux Ice Bears Jersey: $110.00 [Ice Bears Fan Shop]

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Gary Bettman is the worst. We all know this. He's done everything he can to murder the popularity of the NHL, and he deserves to be commemorated by a shirt like this one. Fire Bettman Shirt $16.99 [Cafe Press]

No explanation needed here, although the commenter who suggested this gift recommends paring it with a bottle of scotch. We support that idea. Slap Shot on DVD: $7.49 [Amazon]

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Sure, it's not the real thing, but as the commenter who suggested this gift points out, it—like most video games—goes great with a bag of weed. NHL 13: $39.99 [Amazon]

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