The holiday season is also the booze season, and so we had the lot of you help us come up with some great gift ideas for people who like alcohol. Here's what we ended up with.

Advent calendars are one of the best things about Christmas. The only thing that could possibly make them any better is the inclusion of high-quality whisky. Whisky Advent Calendar: $239.15 [Master of Malt]

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The perfect gift for your fancy friends who like to drink wine that doesn't come in a box or a glass jug. Combination Wine Decanter And Aerator: $36.24 [Amazon]

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These glasses are a great gift for that friend of yours who is an ostensible adult, but still spills shit all over the place on a regular basis. Everyone knows one of those guys. No Spill Whisky Glasses (set of 6): $19.95 [Amazon]

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Enough of the fancy stuff. This is for your bro who likes to crush brews and sing fight songs every Saturday. College Football Beverage Dispenser: $119.00 [Big Fans]

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This is a great gift for your obnoxiously trendy friend for whom a regular bottle opener isn't convenient enough. GrOpener: $16.00 [Indiegogo]

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