If You've Ever Wanted To Hear Ed Hochuli Talk About Buttocks, Today Is Your Day | We're surprised this doesn't happen more often, and maybe it does-but hearing popular NFL referee Ed Hochuli do it has a special flair. Read »

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Say This For Newly Former Arkansas Head Coach John L. Smith: He Screwed Only Himself, Never The Help | As for John L.? He now has wins over Jacksonville State, Tulsa, Auburn, and Kentucky to top his resume. And he's $850,000 closer to paying off the $40 million or so he owes his creditors. Read »

Remembering Hector ‘Macho' Camacho, Boxing's Original Showman | Reduced to its simplest level, boxing is about one thing: punching the other guy really hard. Camacho, incredibly, managed to elevate the sport even while refusing to adhere to that most basic principle. Read »

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Chiefs Receiver Delivers Thanksgiving Meal To Old Lady. Old Lady Reminds Him How Much The Chiefs Suck. | But when you're 1-9, even your generosity has a price. Those needy fans might be grateful, but deep-down, they're still fans, and fans don't like losers, even magnanimous losers like the Kansas City Chiefs. Read »

The Jetsiest Jets Play Ever: Mark Sanchez Fumbles After Getting Floored By His Lineman's Ass | A Mark Sanchez fumble, caused by a teammate's ass in mid-pratfall, returned for a touchdown. God bless you, New York Jets. Read »