Some people like to jog, despite all the horrible things that may happen to them when they do. Perhaps you know one such person and would like to buy them a gift this holiday season. We asked you to get the ball rolling and suggest gifts for your unfortunate jogger friends.

This nifty hydration belt makes quenching your thirst on the go a breeze. Store your beverage of choice right there on your hip! Go Belt: $19.95 [Amazon]

Via Tom Ley

This fluorescent vest has built-in speakers, which allow you to listen to music without those annoying wires dangling from your ears. Sound Running: $69.95 [Road Noise]

Via Pearls of Wisdom

Running barefoot is more natural and will help prevent a lot of the injuries associated with frequent long-distance running. Since most people don't run in soft meadows, these running sandals called "huaraches" protect the foot while offering the closest experience possible to true barefoot running. Connect 4mm Barefoot PLUS sandal kit: $24.95 [Invisible Shoe]

These are the perfect gift for joggers with an aversion to long-sleeved shirts. Asics Arm Warmers: $8.95 [Running Warehouse]

Via PatAy21

This GPS watch will not prevent you from getting lost, but it will track your time, pace and distance. Forerunner 210: $249.99 [Garmin]

Via WretchedoftheSnark

Members of Mexico's Tarahumara tribe can run hundreds of miles without stopping. In Born to Run, Christopher McDougall sets outs to discover how and why. Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen: $9.23 [Amazon]