Gareth Bale scores an own goal with his face, Joey Crawford does a stupid dance, Jets fans get angry, and a Clemson bro mesmerizes. Here are the best videos of the week.

Spurs Suffered An Own Goal When Aaron Lennon Kicked The Ball Off Gareth Bale's Face

Lennon booted the ball right into Bale's face, and it popped into the Spurs net for an own goal. Yes, it's as hilarious as it sounds. Watch »

NBA Ref Joey Crawford Made A Terrible Foul Call, Celebrated It With A Ridiculous Dance

Reminder, Joey: nobody comes to the game to watch you. Watch »

Angry Mob Of Jets Fans Mercilessly Heckle The Team

It's just 46 seconds of angry Jets fans expressing their pure, unadulterated hatred for every player on the team except Tim Tebow. Watch »

Bucket-Hat Clemson Bro Flipping The Double Bird Is Mesmerizing

The closing moments of the game were especially rough for Clemson fans, including this bucket-hatted gent. Watch »