This morning, Jovan Belcher didn't have a Twitter account. By early afternoon, @Jovan_Belcher came into the world. Here are the stupid tweets penned by the lunatic that created it:

These were not written by anyone that represented Belcher in real life, or anyone representing his estate—NBC 41 in Kansas City reached out to Belcher's agency and confirmed that. Additionally, Peter King spoke to Belcher's agent this afternoon, and at no point did he say anything like, "As Jovan's agent.... One RT= $1 Dollar donation." Because he is a real person. And this is a fake person. This guy didn't talk to Belcher or his parents. Those quotes are made up.


The one about Belcher's final words has been retweeted 800 times. The last one—which makes you retweet and like something to donate your pretend dollar—has been retweeted 1,700 times. "1 RT= $1 to the beautiful child that will now grow up without parents" has been retweeted more than 4,300 times. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is a real thing, as is the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention—if you want to donate to either one, you can do so here or here. We have a feeling this "Jovan Belcher's Agent" parody account won't be shelling out the thousands of dollars in donations to which he's ostensibly committed himself.

While we're here: That Andrew Bynum account that mostly retweets this fake Jovan Belcher account? Also not real. The more you know.