Friend: Belcher "Was Dazed, Suffering From Short-Term Memory Loss" After Last Game; Alcohol, Painkillers, Domestic Tensions Played Role In Murder-Suicide | In a series of frank of revealing emails to Deadspin, a friend of Jovan Belcher described the late Chiefs linebacker as an "immature" young man whipsawed between football-related head trauma and ongoing substance abuse. Read »

Reports: Kansas City Chiefs LB Jovan Belcher Killed His Girlfriend, Drove To The Chiefs Practice Facility, And Killed Himself | Multiple reports have confirmed that fourth-year Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher shot himself at the Chiefs' practice facility this morning, allegedly after shooting and killing his girlfriend. Read »

Rasheed Wallace Just Got Ejected After 85 Seconds Of Playing Time |Sheed yelled, "Ball don't lie!", as he is wont to do. Tossed. He'd been in the game for 1:25. The crowd went wild. Read »

Here Is Bob Costas's Sanctimonious, Horseshit Editorial On Jovan Belcher | Bob Costas got on his phone books and condescended to a national audience about perspective-a glorified sports columnist editorialized on the Second Amendment during a fucking football game while pitting himself against those without perspective. Read »

Lee Corso Called Kansas State QB Collin Klein "Calvin" And Chris Fowler Absolutely Lost It | Today's mistake, though, was funny enough that Chris Fowler broke down on the set Jimmy Fallon-style, taking almost half a minute to recover from Lee Corso referring to Heisman candidate "Calvin Klein." Read »

Lache Seastrunk Puts Team On His Back, Scores 76-Yard TD Run Despite Suffering Leg Injury Mid-Play | Nothing demonstrates his tenacity and rushing ability more than this long touchdown run today against Oklahoma State, two-thirds of which appear to have been completed after Seastrunk injured his leg. Read »

Nebraska's Kenny Bell Delivered The Best Legal Block In College Football This Season, So Of Course He Was Flagged For It | This legal, fair block by receiver Kenny Bell ended up being flagged and the play called back. Maybe the officials couldn't recognize the play for its quality, but we will. Read »

How To Make Your Own Mac And Cheese: A Guide For Mad Scientists | Sadly, there's no magic secret to making quick and tasty homemade macaroni and actual cheese. But if you make 740 pounds of the stuff, hell, you only need to do it once. Read »