Bob Costas is many things: a shill, a self-righteous hack, and an occasionally perceptive journalist. We've had a lot to say about him over the years. Here's a sampling of our best Costas-related coverage.

Bob Costas: The Shill Becomes A Journalist

In connecting the Jovan Belcher murder-suicide to handguns, Costas dared to set the door ajar-though not quite open-to the far larger issue of the violence we have loosed on ourselves and our psyches by idolizing the NFL's warrior avatars. Read » | Watch the Costas editorial »

My Lunches With Costas: A Series Of Frank Encounters With The Journalist And Shill

No one has ever walked so gracefully the line between journalist and shill as Costas. Read »

How I Finally Made Peace With Bob Costas, TV Journalism's Most Authentic Shill

Costas says he is not out to throw bombs (like you bloggers out there) but to keep the mainstream accountable. But how can you do that, I say, well after the fact and with infrequent essays on steroids, concussions, and TD dances? Read »

Bob Costas Will Blurb Anything

Got a book coming out? Bob Costas will probably blurb it. Read »

Bob Costas Gasbags About Showboating

Costas is free to request that NFL players "confine their buffoonery" to a smaller, less damaging stage. I'd recommend he take his own advice and start delivering those halftime speeches into the mirror, at home, with the cameras off. Read »

The iPhone's Siri Answered Bob Costas's Questions Better Than Accused Child Rapist Jerry Sandusky Did

Bob Costas's most riveting exclusive yet. Read »