A college mascot shoots a bear, hockey fans throw teddy bears, a few radio hosts get the giggles, and one Clippers fan remains unimpressed. Here are the best videos of the week.

West Virginia Student Mascot Shoots A Bear; Bear Falls Out Of A Tree; Everyone Hollers

I feel safe declaring this the most West Virginia video ever. Watch »

Fans Throw 21,000 Teddy Bears Onto The Ice After Goal

The finally tally was 21,534 bears collected, pushing the total to more than 213,000 since 1999. Watch »

On Browns Call-In Show, Caller Asks Who Has The Biggest Penis; Hosts Break Down Giggling

Sometimes prank callers make it through the screening. This time, one made it through. Watch »

This Lady Behind The Clippers Bench Was The Only One Unimpressed By Last Night's Performance

The closing moments of the game were especially rough for Clemson fans, including this bucket-hatted gent. Watch »