Rob Gronkowski is what would happen if Dr. Frankenstein created a monster, but instead of blood, the doctor filled his veins with Keystone Light. Here are some of the best Gronk stories from this past year.

Rob Gronkowski, To An ESPN Deportes Reporter, On His Emotions Last Night: "Yo Soy Fiesta"

The origin of the greatest Spanglish phrase. Watch »

Rob Gronkowski, Shirtless Matt Light Danced Away Their Sorrows After The Super Bowl

Following a Super Bowl loss, Gronk and teammate Matt Light just wanted to, like, go out and dance. Read »

Did A 16-Year-Old Mass. Lass Hook Up With Rob Gronkowski One Steamy Night In Aruba?

The Summer of Gronk almost got sidelined by an underage fiasco. Read »

Rob Gronkowski's Offseason Is Becoming One Giant Swig From A Beer Bong

The Summer of Gronk really started in March. Read »

Here Is A Photo Of Rob Gronkowski Lying On A Bed With Some Cats

The headline says it all. Read »

Rob Gronkowski To Astronaut In Space: "Are You Floating Right Now?"

Gronk talked to an astronaut and learned about space. Sort of. Watch »

Rob Gronkowski Dreams To One Day Own His Own Party Bus, And More

A wrapup of the Summer of Gronk and more, including how he used to flirt with girls in high school by spiking volleyballs off of their heads. Read »

London Gets Gronked As Rob Gronkowski Spikes His Microphone At A Trafalgar Square Press Conference

London got Gronked in the face. Watch »

The Patriots Are Being Shady About Rob Gronkowski's Broken Arm

Gronk broke his arm on an unlucky play, and people yelled about how Bill Belichick doesn't care about their fantasy team. Gronk will be back, though, and make up for all the missed Gronking. Read »