As far as major sports commissioners who rule over their league with the heavy handedness of an authoritarian father figure go, it doesn't get much worse that Roger Goodell. Naturally, we've had a lot to say about him.

Roger Goodell Was A Narc In High School, And He's Proud Of It

Not only was Goodell a narc in high school, but he's apparently PROUD of it! Read »

Paul Tagliabue Ruling: The NFL Doesn't Have A Bounty Problem; It Has A Roger Goodell Problem

Tagliabue's write-up reveals, carefully and methodically, that Goodell ignored league precedent during the bounty probe. Read »

The NFL Sacrificed Three Weeks Of Games On The Altar Of Bullshit Ideological Purity

The referee lockout was nominally about retirement benefits, but in fact it was a struggle over what it means to be a worker or an employer under our dyspeptic yet triumphal contemporary brand of capitalism. Read »


Goodell is a fraud, someone who has spent his career diving under his father's halo in the hopes that some of the light will shine on his dumbass, too. Read »

The Scab Refs Still Suck, And Roger Goodell Is Still A Hypocritical Shitstain

Roger Goodell's solution to this disaster won't be to pay the refs-God fucking forbid-but to send out another stern "note" and handing out more fines and suspensions. Read »

The Many Horrible, Stupid Faces Of Roger Goodell: A Gallery Of Authoritarian Derp

Sometimes pictures can be more powerful than words, particularly when those pictures are carefully selected to be as unflattering as possible. Read »