Rex and Rob Ryan turn 50 today. That's 100 years of Oklahoma-born, Ontario-raised, Illinois-and-Oklahoma-schooled, good-ole-boy-defensive-mastermindedness. We take this moment to look back fondly on all the joy the two—seen here in their college days—have given us.

For me, there will be no better description of Rex's oeuvre than this passage, from Nicholas Dawidoff in The New York Times Magazine:

Tannenbaum says there were two events last year that made him sure of what a genuine article he had in Ryan. The first was one of those early occasions in a relationship that, when looked back upon, seems of defining, if slightly inexplicable, importance. These being men, it involved a road trip and many hamburgers. Ryan, Tannenbaum, Schottenheimer and the quarterbacks coach, Matt Cavanaugh, were going to Kansas to scout a potential draft choice, Kansas State quarterback Josh Freeman. Ryan dutifully appeared wearing a dress shirt and crisp trousers, as he had for the many business dinners and events he attended since being hired. This time, Tannenbaum told his new coach: "Rex, he's a draftable player. He has to impress us." Ryan's eyes grew big. He disappeared back into his office and re-emerged wearing a flowing garment which he referred to as "the dress sweats." The four men jetted west, landed and got their rental car, a pick-up truck. Ryan drove, Tannenbaum rode shotgun, Schottenheimer and Cavanaugh sat knees to chest in back. Stories of the Plains were told by Ryan. Soon all four were dusty. Nobody minded. They watched Freeman throw and run. They were impressed, though not as much as they would be by Mark Sanchez of the University of Southern California. Then, on the way to the airport, Ryan suggested a visit to a Sonic Drive-In for some refreshments. Most of the items on the menu were ordered, including, for Ryan, a cup of limeade the size of Topeka. The truck shook. Nobody can say why. Possibly it was many men eating. The result was that Ryan's cup began to spill. Freshets of limeade poured everywhere. "Oh, no!" Ryan cried. "The dress sweats!" It has become an iconic line, and every time those words occur to Tannenbaum, he feels happiness.

And as far as Rob goes, this video shall never be topped:

Here's more, from our annals, about the pair:

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And we wouldn't feel right doing this without GIFs:

God bless America, and god bless the Ryan brothers. Here's to 100 more years of greatness.