JaVale McGee has a rough time, Rob Parker lowers the bar, a Gonzaga player shreds his air guitar, Amir Johnson flips out, and a Celtics fan unleashes a double blowjob pantomime. Here are the best videos of the week.

JaVale McGee Had A Bad Minute During Last Night's Nuggets-Knicks Game

Watch as McGee misses a jumper, crushes Tyson Chandler, clears out Chandler to make room for Ty Lawson, throws the ball away, then stumbles his way out of collecting a rebound from Steve Novak's missed three. Watch »

Rob Parker Lowers The Bar On First Take: Is Robert Griffin III "A Brother Or A Cornball Brother?"

The topic: Is Robert Griffin III a "brother or a cornball brother?" Wha-? Why? Huh? Watch »

Air Guitar-Playing Gonzaga Walk-On: Death Metal Superstar

While the freshman has only played 12 minutes this season, accounting for six points and a single assist, his air guitar thrashing has made him an instant legend in east Washington. Watch »

Amir Johnson Fights With Referee Over Dead Ball, Gets Ejected, Throws His Mouth Guard At The Ref

He didn't improve his situation when he whipped his mouth guard at the referee as teammates attempted to hustle him off the court. Watch »

Here's A Lady Pantomiming A Double Blowjob At The Celtics Game Last Night

She doesn't seem to have been mugging specifically for the camera-it looks like the crowd around her is checking out the jumbotron, and if this is her and her friends' reactions to being up on the jumbotron giving pretend double blowjobs, they are extremely cool customers. Watch »