"Take That Nigger Off The TV, We Wanna Watch Football!": Idiots Respond To NBC Pre-Empting Sunday Night Football | NBC pre-empted the first quarter of tonight's 49ers-Patriots game to show President Obama's speech at the Newtown memorial for victims of the Sandy Hook shooting. As you might expect, many football fans didn't take kindly to this. Read »

Former ESPN Outdoors Producer: "Most Of The People I've Met From The NRA Don't Believe The Bullshit They're Selling" | No one is going to dismantle hunting or the military or police departments. But if you hang around these big gun industry conventions very long, you notice that they stoke a persistent delusion of persecution around just those scenarios. Read »

Kevin McHale And Kevin Garnett Shared A Tearful Hug After Last Night's Game | The traditional postgame handshakes turned into something more when McHale and Garnett greeted one another at mid-court. Read »

Brit Olympics Hero Jessica Ennis Leaves Kate Middleton Hanging On Awards-Show Handshake, Sparks National Outrage | The drama of a pregnant Kate's emergence became multiplied, though, when SPOTY runner-up and London Olympic heptathlon champion Jessica Ennis didn't return Middleton's offered handshake onstage. Read »

San Francisco Chronicle: David Stern Schedules Games On Christmas Because He "Celebrates Hanukkah" And "Has No Real Feel For Christmas In The First Place" | This particular criticism of Stern is not so much "tinged" with anti-semitism as it is basted in anti-semitism. Read »

Mike Lupica's Pro-Gun-Control Essay On Today's Sports Reporters Makes Bob Costas Sound Like A Right-Winger
| Lupica, breaking from the program's traditionally neutral political tone, attacked the state of gun control in America during his closing Sports Reporters essay. Read »

Report: London Fletcher's Family Involved In Altercation With Cleveland Fans, Aunt Suffers Heart Attack
| According to the family, "Cleveland police used Tasers during the incident, which resulted in the arrest" of two of Fletcher's cousins, Hasaan Robinson and Douglas Robinson as well as an unnamed nephew. Read »