We sang, we sought a very special autograph, and we smoked some weed. Here are the best stunts that we pulled in 2012.

What Happens When A 35-Year-Old Man Retakes The SAT?

There are many shitty things about being a grownup. You have to make money. You have to do taxes. You have to show up for your bail hearings. It's all really fucking annoying. But one of the few upsides of being an adult is that you NEVER have to take the SAT again. Read »

Are New York's Most Exclusive Restaurants More Eager To Seat Jeremy Lin Or Eli Manning? Deadspin Investigates

We called 18 of New York's most exclusive restaurants, with one of us posing as an assistant to Lin and another as a representative for Manning. Read »

What's It Like To Sing The Anthem At A Baseball Game? The Story Of One Man's Perilous Fight

It's very awkward singing in front of people. Singing leaves you so vulnerable. People could laugh at you. They could punch you in the face. They could pull your pants down and tie a handkerchief around your dick. Read »

Our Drew Magary Applied For A Spot On Chopped; This Is His Application

I dropped every goddamn thing (even my baby) and filled out the application as quickly as I could. Read »

What Is The Grantland Book Good For? A Deadspin Investigation

Why take a collection of internet posts and re-publish them on heavy paper stock set between two lavishly designed covers? What's the use of a book like that? Read »

How To Make A Pipe Out Of ESPN The Magazine's Stupid Weed-Panic Issue

That's right: You can smoke your pot right off Mark Schlabach's prepositions. Read »

The Time I Tried To Get Tim Tebow To Sign "The Origin Of Species"

Kids are pushing and screaming. Parents are pushing and screaming for their kids. Steakheads who should know better but clearly don't are pushing and screaming for themselves. Read »