2012 offered many windows into the athlete soul, but none were larger or more revealing than the unfiltered weirdness that came from their screwy social media presences. Here are our favorites, from Cardale Jones delicately explaining that he wasn't recruited to Ohio State for his academic prowess, to everything Chipper Jones did. See if you can make it through this post without crying. Click images to enlarge.

Shots Fired And Other #RealTalk

Osi Umenyiora Wishes "Twitter Gangster" LeSean McCoy A Happy Mother's Day…On Twitter

Jonathan Vilma Sues Roger Goodell For Defamation

Seahawks DB Richard Sherman Intercepts Tom Brady, Snickers At Him With "U Mad Bro?" Picture On Twitter After The Game

Two Of Our Greatest Fighters Now Have Beef: 50 Cent And Floyd Mayweather Got Into It On Twitter Last Night

Good News, Mark Sanchez: You Still Have One Fan In The NFL. Bad News: It's Braylon Edwards.

Jabar Gaffney Is Having A Twitter Meltdown Over His Soon-To-Be Ex-Wife And A Former Teammate Who's Also His Cousin [UPDATE]

Ozzie Guillen Thinks ESPN's Buster Olney Is "Full Of Shit"

Stephen Jackson Fined For Threatening Serge Ibaka On Twitter

New York Jets To Drew Brees: Quit Your Damn Whining Already

The Ravens Are Fighting With Their Own Left Tackle On Twitter Only Six Days Before Their Opener

You Know, Ekpe Udoh Has Finally Had Enough Of This Jeremy Lin Fella

Unconventional Uses Of The Medium

Delonte West Tweeted His Résumé For NBA Teams, And He Cited Bleacher Report As A Reference

Teams That Should Take a Chance on Delonte West | Bleacher Report m.bleacherreport.com/articles/13891… via @bleacherreport

- Delonte West (@CharleeRedz13) October 31, 2012

An Oklahoma Football Coach Is Offering Full-Ride Scholarships Via Twitter

Marcus Vick Is Begging The Eagles To Trade Mike Vick On Twitter Right Now

This Jaguar's Workout Schedule Is Just The Best


J.R. Smith Tweeted A Photo Of "The Girl With The Biggest Ass Ever" Wearing A Thong In His Hotel Room Bed

Early This Morning Delonte West Tweeted A Picture Of His Vomit-Soiled Clothes From The Bathroom

Amar'e Stoudemire Shows Why You Should Never, Ever Punch A Fire Extinguisher Case

Thanks To Tarell Brown, We Can All Log In To A Secure NFL Site Today

Packers Lineman Gives One Hell Of An Answer To "Boxers Or Briefs?"

Athletes And Animals

Yes, Michael Vick Owns A Dog

David Booth Hath Slain The Goatbeast

Mat Latos Has A Cat And Its Name Is Cat Latos

It Is Entirely Possible That Chris Kaman Killed This Cat Just To Make A Point About The Schedule

Tweets For Which The NFL Didn't Fine The Packers

"Fine Me And Use The Money To Pay The Regular Refs": Your Collection Of Angry Packers Player Tweets

Chipper Jones

Chipper Jones Complained On Twitter About The TV In His Hotel Room, And Someone From The Front Desk Came Up And Fixed It

@RealCJ10 If anyone was thinkin about stayin at the Grand Hyatt in NY,dont! My AC is set on 65 and its north of 80 in here. Like a freaken sauna!

The Braves Won Their First Monday Game In Nearly A Year

Can Anybody Understand What Chipper Jones Is Saying On Twitter?

Chipper Jones Has His Own Theories On JFK's Assassination

Unsolved Mysteries

Why Did Lance Armstrong Tweet Out The Cell Phone Number Of Some Random Canadian Dude?

The Ghost Of Al Gore Will Haunt Jose Canseco Until The End Of Time

Frank Martin Is A Big Fan Of Pitbull And That Is Weird

Vince Young Needs A Hobby

Vince Young Is Watching The Arizona Cardinals Get Destroyed, Thinks He Can Help

Vince Young Just Wants To Talk, Sends Really Sad Tweet To The Titans

The Tweet That Launched A Thousand LOLs

At Least Hurricane Sandy Gave Us The Eli Manningest Of Eli Manning Photos


Ohio State's Third-String Quarterback "Ain't Come To Play SCHOOL"

Media Meltdowns

The ESPYs Nokia PreParty Is Awesome, But Its Publicist Is Sort Of Lazy

Stephen A. Smith Thought An Article About Him In The Onion Was Real

Jason Whitlock Is Currently Stranded In The California Desert

Dick Vitale Weighs In On The Death Of Al Qaeda's No. 2

Denver Post Writer Says He Never Meant To Tweet About How "Horny" He Got While Covering The Olympics

Making New Friends

It Only Took A Few Hours At A's Camp For Manny To Mistake A Starter For A Video Assistant

Browns Linebacker Tank Carder Follows Awful Comedy Accounts On Twitter, Tells One "Your A Faggot" When He Misses The Joke

Like Everyone Else, DeAngelo Williams Doesn't Care About Your Fantasy Team

Knicks Fan Tells Amar'e Stoudemire To Step Up His Game Next Year, Amar'e Calls Him A "Fag"

Don't Correct Michael Strahan's Grammar Or He May Suggest You Suck Your Dad's Dick

And Reconnecting With Old Ones

Your Twitter Exchange Of The Day

And Finally, This

We surely forgot some—it was a long year!—so put any we missed in the comments.