We said a lot of mean things about other writers and media personalities this year. We're dicks like that. Here's a collection of our best put downs.

Mitch Albom: Fun-sized poetastering fabulist Also: The meat in baseball's dumbfuck stew

Skip Bayless: Muggs Garroway

Lynn Hoppes: Cupcake Wars correspondent

Bruce Arthur: Milquetoast

Sports By Brooks: Chief Inspector Brooks

Mike Greenberg: ESPN's DJ 3000

Dan Levy: Self-appointed ombudsman of everything

Will Leitch: Garrison Keillor without jokes

Pete Prisco: Odious anti-union propagandist

Colin Cowherd: Facelifted race-baiting honky

David Whitley: Racist dicktroll

Jay Mariotti: Hungover community-college theater instructor

Rick Reilly: $3 million "shitty golf jokes" beat writer

Darren Rovell: Talking haircut

Jason Whitlock: Asian penis expert

Tony Siragusa: A crude, Fox Sports-ready copy of the infinitely more agile-footed Artie Donovan's routine.

Mike Wilbon: Gutless, starfucking crybaby troll

Sean Gregory and Peter King: Cheerleaders tugging at either arm of Roger Goodell's letter jacket

Dan Rafael: Supremely inoffensive teetotaler

Adam Schefter: Irresponsible blogger

Maureen Dowd: Hack editorial cartoonist

Tom Jackson: Us Weekly body language expert

Terry Bradshaw: Idiot doofus

Skip Bayless: A lamentable thing

Chaz Scoggins: Luddite

Mike Florio: Shill

Rob Parker: Member of ESPN's stable of chuckleheads

Hawk Harrelson: Shameless homer

Thomas Lake: "Magazine writer"

John Feinstein: Farter of mediocre books

Lenny Palumbo: Kook with a poorly-Xeroxed newsletter

Matt Millen: Butt steak

Chris Broussard: Perpetual late-comer

Reggie Miller: Exists to worsen the TNT telecast

George Will: Tory Muppet

Mike Francesa: Sports-talk blowhard

Phil Mushnick: OG Troll

Gregg Easterbrook: Haughty dipshit

Bill Polian: A high schooler given the "con" side in debate club

Mark Schlabach: The high school principal from Reefer Madness

Rodney Harrison: Lost his sense of humor at the bottom of an HGH bottle

Rick Telander: Crazy person

Joe Schad: So jacked

Jim Rome: Teeny tiny reporter