GIFs are one of the Internet's most polarizing elements; not only is there debate over the image format's utility (or, as anti-GIFfers argue, lack thereof) but over how to say "GIF" in the first place. (We're choosy moms.) Even GIF haters, though, can't keep themselves away from the sports moments captured in those 40-or-so frames, so here's our favorite sports GIFs of 2012.

Yes, Laker Bros is technically our "favorite" GIF of the year, but we didn't make that one.

Old Guy Jeter jerkoff

Sad Eli Manning

Blowjob Kid


Wil Myers Destroys A Camera

Rob Ryan Fuck Yeah

Lady Pit-Sniffer

Marine Messes With Texas

Southampton Supporter

Rutgers Saxman

Double Hurdle

Disappearing Lee Smith


Brady's "Fuck You, Bitches"

Yankee Stadium Is A Dangerous Place

Timberwolves Suck It

Gators Freak Hadouken

Sleeping Francesa

Grizzlies Kid

MSU Bandie Freakout

Dempsey Bitchface

He'd Come To Regret Doing This

No, Seriously, WTF