Robert Griffin III gave us plenty to be excited about this year, but his fragility also gave us plenty to of reasons to be fearful. We've had quite a few thoughts on both Griffin and his now infamous knee injury.

Robert Griffin III Is The Quarterback Of The Future Of The Past

There are too many Sean Weatherspoons waiting for you just as you turn the corner, ready to knock you onto a career path that's nowhere near as exciting as the one your talent once suggested. Read »

Robert Griffin III Twisted His Knee On A Dead Patch Of Sports Language

In the minds of the men on the field and the ones on the sidelines wearing headsets, this was not medical malpractice. It was playoff football. Read »

The Redskins Were Done In By Their Own "Crappy" Field

FedEx Field, which hadn't seen rain in days, claimed a season in an inexplicable quagmire. Read »

In Defense Of Mike Shanahan

Is Shanahan to blame for what happened Sunday evening? Has he made a terrible mistake? There's no way to know for sure. You'll have to trust your gut. Read »

Robert Griffin III Will Make You Forget That Dan Snyder Is An Awful Person

But now that Griffin has given the franchise a new identity, I feel different. They aren't the Snyder Skins to me anymore. Read »