NC State upset Duke today 84-76, bringing to a close Duke's undefeated run and perhaps ruining their number one ranking, but who cares, because this happened at the end of the game: A young man in wheelchair zoomed out on to the court with the rest of crowd to celebrate the win, and Dick Vitale has a meltdown that fell somewhere between endearing ("Oy!") and offensive.

We didn't spot the guy in the crowdshots (ed. note: post-coach interview, that is), but if you do, or you know whether he's okay, let us know. More likely, Dick Vitale is the one that's shaken up, so if you know whether Dick Vitale's OK, email us about that, too.


Update, 3:15 p.m.: Yep, he [Will Privette] is fine, though Vitale may have been right that there was cause for concern. Derek Medlin, a web editor for WRAL in Raleigh, tweeted that he'd spoken with Privette:

Cool, we hope the wheelchair gets fixed up soon, and shout-out to C.J. Leslie for the heads up play. H/t everyone that wrote in with Medlin's updates.