Here's where we're putting all of our divisional round GIFs for the Falcons' tense win over the Seahawks and the Patriots' not-so-tense win over the Texans. Click through for everything from Richard Sherman clap-clap-clapping in Roddy White's face (after losing him in coverage) to Bill Belichick nearly falling asleep after his team scores a touchdown.

Atlanta 30, Seattle 28: Seattle's all-pro shit stirrer, Richard Sherman, somehow manages to win this interaction that began with Roddy White burning the Seahawks defense for a 47-yard touchdown—Ohhh you got a touchdown, gooood for youuuu—even though the score put the Falcons up 20-0 in the second quarter. Things would improve dramatically for the Seahawks but it would not be enough. Atlanta hung on and will host San Francisco next week in the NFC Championship.


OK. So. I mean...where do you even start. The Falcons, though they swapped touchdowns with Seattle, were still up by 20 heading into the fourth quarter and most of the crowd looked like this:

Then Atlanta slowly pissed the game away and the crowd had what looked to be a one way ticket to Sadsville:

Eventually, Atlanta coughed up the lead and found itself down one after allowing Seattle all the way back with 21 unanswered in the fourth quarter, capped off by a two yard run by Marshawn Lynch that was upheld after review determined he had crossed the plain before fumbling.

At which point Atlanta fans all looked like this:

But then Matt Bryant drilled a 49 yard field goal with eight seconds left to win the game. Of course, they almost gave the game right back to Seattle with a bizarrely short squib kick, but tragedy was avoided. Fortunately for Atlanta and the crowd, the Seahawks elected to run one short dump off play and try for a Hail Mary rather than a long field goal, but Julio Jones came down with Matt Ryan's attempt as time expired.


Lost in the madcap comeback were two very different plays from the Atlanta offense. First, we have Tony Gonzalez showcasing some graceful athleticism with this one yard touchdown catch and toe-tap, it was Atlanta's first touchdown of the day.

And second, we have Jacquizz Rodgers absolutely destroying Seahawks safety Earl Thomas. Good lord.

New England 41, Houston 28: Sure, that one up there was probably the most fun of moment of a game: After a Texans fumble, Brandon Spikes assumed the Patriots had recovered and did that wiggly dance, only for the referees to rule that the play was over on forward progress before the ball came out. Not the best time to break out the dance, still the best dance.

That moment aside, this was, even with the Texans' ill-fated late push, the only game of the weekend that made you feel OK about changing the channel. It was a business-like blowout, annoyingly proving Dan Shaughnessy half-right and even coming at a cost for the victor: Rob Gronkowski reinjured his forearm and won't come back for the playoffs, while Danny Woodhead left in the first quarter and never reappeared. No, the GIF that sums this one up is Bill Belichick, just not giving an ever-loving shit when Tom Brady threw a 33-yard TD pass to Shane Vereen to make the score 38-13 in the third quarter.

He even looks a little annoyed. The Patriots will play the Ravens in Foxborough next week.