So, you're minding your business (or pleasure) in your tidy Delta Meadowvale hotel room in Mississauga and then, bam! Chaos. Figure skaters everywhere. One man had his cheek cut. He was OK and didn't need any medical attention, but I mean come on. The police were even called.

The craziness was attributed to eight members of Skate Canada who got into a "scuffle at a Toronto-area hotel in what Skate Canada calls an unruly celebration involving figure skaters." Police were called around 5:00 a.m. Sunday morning and nothing good every happens then, especially when figure skaters are involved.

Skate Canada says there was a celebration at the hotel that "got out of hand," and that skaters didn't hush up when hotel staff confronted them over a noise complaint.

Police did not make any arrests. Instead, they just helped the hotel manager get things under control and sent everyone back to their rooms.

h/t Erik

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