NBA hazing rituals will always be a tremendous source of entertainment. I may or may not have watched Delonte West tell J.J. Hickson, "I don't care if you gotta fly! Trains, planes, or automobiles: you better have my do-nuts!" over 100 times in my life.

The hazing in the video above isn't quite as exquisitely hilarious as what Delonte once offered us, but it still merits our attention, mostly because it features Big Baby Davis repeatedly saying, "peanabuttahjelly." Apparently, Orlando Magic rookie Andrew Nicholson failed to bring Big Baby his pre-game peanut butter and jelly sandwich, which was cause for Big Baby to interrupt Nicholson's interview and demand some answers. Pay close attention at the eight-second mark, when you can see genuine terror flash across Nicholson's face. Lesson learned, rook.