Look, we have no idea if LeSean McCoy is a deadbeat dad. The mother of his child LeSean McCoy Jr. is alleging that to be the case—and a whole lot more. Indeed, in a bizarre battle that resulted in McCoy deleting his twitter account, the babymama (known as Steph) accused McCoy of having herpes, having had surgery to increase his penis size, having abandoned his son, and having not made proper child support payments.

Say none of those things are true, and she's making them all up. McCoy could have simply ignored her. Instead, he tweeted out to his army of 172,000 followers that they should assault her with tweets demanding that the "bum get a job." (He also bragged about having knocked her up without even knowing her name.) In response, "Steph" released a few text message transcripts that didn't reflect very well on McCoy.


McCoy then began retweeting the most vile of replies to his BM. It's all a bunch of stupid drama, but at the very least LeSean McCoy comes across as a piece of shit human being when he could have simply walked away.

Update: Crossing Broad lets us know McCoy is claiming his Twitter was "hacked."