LeSean McCoy Sics Twitter Army On His "Broke, Worthless" Babymama After She Accuses Him Of Being A Deadbeat Dad | It's all a bunch of stupid drama, but at the very least LeSean McCoy comes across as a piece of shit when he could have simply walked away. Read »

The Fan Who Hit That Half-Court Shot And Got Tackled By LeBron Had The Best Night Ever | The best part, aside from that gorgeous mug? Drysch is still holding the basketball. Never let go, my friend. Read »

Bob Costas's Eulogy For Stan Musial Was Midwestern Sports Reverence At Its Finest | If you wonder why your grandfather cared more about baseball than your kids ever will, Costas explains why. Read »

How To Cook Lobster Tails: A Guide For People Who Don't Have Butlers To Do All The Work | This is perhaps a little bit hyperbolic. Lobster is very rarely bad. What it very often is, though, is boring and unexceptional enough to make its cost seem absurd and offensive, and its purchaser seem stupid and wasteful. There are two things you must do to avoid this dismal fate. Read »

There Was A Bat Delay During The Providence-Marquette Game | Expect the bat to rank somewhere in the top 25 when this week's AP poll comes out. Read »

The Most Recent Fainting Spell Over Shabazz Muhammad Distills NCAA Compliance To Its Idiotic Essence | Pat Forde declining to ask any questions about the backpack and then running home to Google "Gucci.com" is the saddest example of "gotcha" journalism we've seen in some time. Read »

Tom Brady's New House Literally Has A Moat | "Among the many features in its 22,000 square feet are a resort-style pool, massive play area for children and a common medieval fortification system." Read »