Ronaiah channels Lennay, Beyoncé has a press conference for all the haters, an interview crasher gets her comeuppance, and Stink talks smack about Tim Tebow. Here are the best videos of the week.

Here's Ronaiah Tuiasosopo Attempting To Perform What He Claims Is "Lennay's" Voice On Dr. Phil

Would Ronaiah finally give in to the good Doctor's demands and perform the voice of Lennay Kekua? Today we got the answer: sort of. Watch »

Beyoncé Had An Insane Press Conference Where She Sang The National Anthem, Accepted Compliments From Reporters, And Then Posed

When it was all over, the announcer said, "Beyoncé will now pose." Beyoncé posed. Watch »

Drunk 49ers Fan Crashes Broadcast. Reporter Asks Her, "How Long Have You Had An STD?"

Since the woman wanted to talk on camera so badly, Sanchez improvised the perfect line of questioning. Watch »

An ESPN Blunder Let Viewers Eavesdrop On Hannah Storm And Mark Schlereth Discussing What Sounds Like Tim Tebow's Doubtful NFL Future

We especially hope you enjoy Schlereth's grimace. Watch »