Chris Culliver was already having a rough couple of days, picking the worst possible moment to reveal his very stupid opinions about gay people.

It does not get better. This week, a second-grade class from Elmwood Franklin Elementary in Buffalo, N.Y., took a break from (presumably) learning about monarch butterflies to correct the grammar of a recent Chris Culliver tweet, as well as those from a few other NFL players. This is how every error on Twitter should be fixed. Check them out below:

Could be intentional. "Dieing" is an industrial term meaning "cutting, forming, or stamping with or as if with a die," referring to this kind of machine. Chris Culliver likely doesn't have the technical skills to hold a dieing job for long, so if he's already broke and employed in this capacity then things would not look good for him.

Let's give a little credit here, given that this is about as humble as Titus Young ever gets on Twitter. "Alot" and "wit" are wrong, and "But" shouldn't be capitalized, and yet the dude nails "It's." I fuck that up at least once a day.

Could just be a missing comma: "My god, bless you all!" Sounds like a quote from It's A Wonderful Life.

Via Facebook, H/t to lafftrak