The Baltimore Ravens outlasted the 49ers in a thrilling Super Bowl that looked all but over after the first half. Then the lights went out and the Ravens stopped pressing deep and the 49ers capitalized on some poor punting and suddenly we had a football game. In the end, the Ravens hung on thanks to a late field goal and a safety that allowed Baltimore to burn precious seconds off the clock. Joe Flacco—largely on the strength of a steller first half, where he threw three touchdowns—just won the Super Bowl, the Super Bowl MVP and a whole shitload of money. We chronicled most of the tantrums/head-scratching decisons/action throughout the night and put it all together right here, for your easy perusal.

Jim Harbaugh Tantrum GIF: Version 2,745 | "In the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl against (noun), Jim Harbaugh (verb) like a little fucking (noun) after the 49ers (verb)." Read »

Joe Theismann On The Super Bowl Halftime Show: "Beyonce Shit The House Down" | Joe Theismann is watching the Super Bowl along with the rest of us and he particularly seemed to enjoy the halftime show, featuring Beyonce rocking the house. Read »

Here's Your GIF Of The Moment The Lights Went Out At The Super Bowl | "The players have never been in a situation like this before..." as in the power going out, or the Super Bowl, or sober in New Orleans, or other? Read »

Jacoby Jones Just Returned The Opening Kickoff Of The Second Half 109 Yards For A Touchdown | According to CBS that is an NFL record. The Ravens won the opening coin toss and deferred to the second half. Read »

Here's The All-22 Footage Of That Mind-Boggling Fake Field Goal | It would have been a 32-yard attempt for a kicker that made 30 of 33 field goal attempts this season and at fairly close range, in a dome, it's easy to imagine that Tucker would have knocked it in. In the video above you can see that, were it not for a too-brief block by #84, tight end Ed Dickson, Tucker might have made it, but it was still a pretty audacious coaching decision from the more mild-mannered Harbaugh. Read »

Cary Williams Shoved An Official And Got Away With It | In the NFL, though-at least in the Super Bowl-shoving a ref won't even earn you a penalty. Here's Ravens defensive back Cary Williams doing just that. Read »

This Is The Most Mesmerizing Video From The Super Bowl | We have Frank Gore and his irresponsible protection of the family jewels to thank for this. Read »

Beyoncé's Halftime Show Featured An "Exploding" Guitar | Beyoncé doesn't do anything figuratively. Read »

Jim Harbaugh Wanted A Holding Call On The 49ers' Last Play, And He May Have Had A Point | Here's Jim Harbaugh's response to the 49ers' failed fourth down play in the end zone, and for once, it's tough to really say he's overreacting. Ravens' cornerback Jimmy Smith probably held Michael Crabtree in the middle of his route, and when Crabtree laid out for the catch, he couldn't quite reach the ball. Read »