We told you earlier in the week how Gregg Williams was simultaneously reinstated by the NFL and hired by the Tennessee Titans. But that's not entirely true, is it? It seems quite clear that the real Gregg Williams never did make it back from his backpacking expedition through the "remote villages of rural Northern Thailand."

It seems equally clear that his evil twin, Greg, has kidnapped him and assumed his identity. The only question is when? A trip to Thailand would be the perfect cover for an impostor to take over, but let's think about this. Did Gregg ever even go to Burma and Laos? Did he ever actually say "kill the head"? Was he ever hired by Sean Payton? Dear Buffalo fans, is it possible you never had the good Gregg Williams as a head coach?

There is a dramatic shift in Gregg's career, and it now seems naive to attribute it merely to coincidence. Gregg was a coordinator of little fanfare and an even lesser head coach until finding his way to Dan Snyder's Washington Redskins. "Gregg" then became known as a defensive mastermind and later became involved in the most widespread and systematic pay-for-play scandal in NFL history. Or did he?