Two Savannah State Students Recorded Themselves Sneaking Into The Super Bowl | Highlights include one of the men incredulously narrating "I wonder what's going on-they should've stopped us, they should've stopped us but they didn't." Read »

"This Is The Greatest Thing I've Ever Seen": An Actual, Live Condor Gets Loose At A Hockey Game | Man may think he has control over wild beasts, but that is only because the beasts allow it to be so. Read »

Should You Storm The Court? An All-Purpose Guide | Who is a court-storming for? Why do it anyway? Is it to reflect the self-regard of the athletics department and its acolytes among fans and media? Read »

Phil Mickelson Fell Down | In the unquestionable sports highlight of this or any year, Phil Mickelson fell on his ass today while trying to find a golf ball at Pebble Beach. Read »

The Solution To Football Withdrawal: A Guide To Rugby Sevens | I am fairly certain that you have no idea what Rugby Sevens means. It's OK, just trust me: this is an intervention. Read »

How To Make A Pasta With Anchovies (And Other Stuff): A Guide For The Unafraid | Today, we're doing it with anchovies. These little guys have attained a rotten status in the common conception of foodstuffs, thanks to generations of lazy sitcom writers who plugged in the word "anchovy" as a shorthand for "yucky crap that weirdos put on pizza to the disgust of the everyman protagonist." Read »

Red Alert: Jim Nantz Compromised, Hacked E-Mails Contain The Whitest Sentence On Record | We'll never have a whiter sentence than one recounting correspondence between two WASP icons-George H.W. Bush and Jim Nantz-about making a golf trio with some guy named Hemingway and hanging out at a compound in Kennebunkport, Maine. Read »