Kobe Bryant hasn't had a Twitter account for very long, but he's quickly becoming one of the most interesting follows in the NBA. Yesterday, that trend continued when Bryant called out one Twitter user for using "gay" as a pejorative. Here's the tweet that set everything off:

Just a few minutes later, Bryant responded to @PacSmoove and @pooke09, letting them know that using "gay" as a put down was #notcool:

Of course, a certain amount of image consciousness was likely the impetus behind this tweet. You may recall that Bryant himself got into hot water not long ago for calling a referee a "fucking faggot," so this was a great opportunity for Bryant to do some image rehabilitation. Still, it's nice to see an athlete of Bryant's stature take a stance like this. He even responded to criticism that cited his previous use of a homophobic slur:

So yeah, follow Kobe Bryant on Twitter.