Just getting this out of the way now—it's obviously not a good showing. OK, moving on. Texans tackle Duane Brown and some other lady performed "Somebody That I Used To Know" by Gotye and Kimbra on Houston's KRBE 104.1 morning drive show this morning because Brown apparently loves the song and works out to it all the time.

That's cool; I like working out to "Don't Stop Me Now." I'm just not going to sing it on the radio. Mostly because I lack the confidence to really sell out on any of the notes and even if I did have confidence, I still lack ability. It would likely sound very similar to this. In fact, it would be even worse, which is saying something for Brown I suppose: it wasn't The Worst.


If you actually sat through and watched the whole thing, though, you'll realize it has all the hallmarks of a cringeworthy karaoke song: 1.) screwing up the lyrics that are not part of the hook and 2.) not good-sounding.

h/t Ej
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