First, the Miami New Times obtained some records of South Florida "anti-aging" clinic Biogenesis, which appears to tie MLB players to banned performance enhancing drugs. Then Yahoo obtained additional Biogenesis records, naming additional players.

But big news today, news that's going to blow the whole lid off baseball's PED epidemic. Outside The Lines has obtained some Biogenesis records.


There are no new names in the ledger and other papers obtained by OTL, and no specific PEDs associated with the old names—just money supposedly owed to Bosch by Ryan Braun, Alex Rodriguez, Melky Cabrera, and Francisco Cervelli for his services.

All the documents released so far are different, meaning there's one question: are there multiple disgruntled former employees of Tony Bosch running around, or just one judiciously doling out the clinic's balance sheets like pieces of the True Cross? But more records will surely follow in the Washington Post and New York Daily News, the poorly Xeroxed Marxist newsletter sometimes available at the bookstore on Prince Street, packaged with membership in the Columbia House record club, handed out to the first 10,000 fans at the Rockets-Suns game on March 9, and mailed to anyone who sends in a self-addressed stamped envelope and 10 boxtops of any Quaker Oats product.

MLB still does not have access to Biogenesis's records, despite asking very nicely.