We knew that the Marlins had given Jose Reyes "verbal assurances" that they wouldn't trade him, but yesterday brought a new report about the exact content of those promises and when the Marlins were making them. In particular, walking pair of conspicuously expensive sunglasses Jeffrey Loria told Jose Reyes to buy a house in Miami four days before the Marlins shed Reyes and nearly everyone else on the roster in a fire-sale of epic proportions—proportions so epic, you might say, that the sell-off was likely in the works for more than four days.

Reyes, who won a batting championship with the Mets in 2011, said the Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria had assured him he would not be traded. Four days before the Marlins sent him packing, Reyes said, he and Loria had dinner together, and "he was talking still about ‘get a nice house in Miami.' "

"Then I went on vacation with my wife, and two days later I found out I was traded," Reyes said.

That's one of those lies that you just add on for fun, like a complimentary dessert from a five-star chef—an additional lie because you're so proud of all the previous lies that you can't help yourself. A sociopath's mini-soufflé. What are the odds that Loria stuck Reyes with the check and promised to get him back next time?

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