Jerry Buss died today. The 80-year-old was arguably the greatest NBA owner in the history of the league. He was also a world-class Playmate aficionado who frequently dated teenage girls and used to host his birthday party at a brothel. To put it in more appropriate obituary terms, the man was "known for his eye for beautiful women." Aw, now that's nice. Here we present a tribute to his horndoggery, full of countless "unidentified" women in undersized tops and of questionable age. Let's remember him this way.

To begin: "Los Angeles Lakers owner Jerry Buss (C) is surrounded by Penthouse Pets," June 1999. (Getty)

(Thanks to Nathan Sauser for the inspired idea.)

"Muhammad Ali and his wife Veronica Porsche Ali, Dr. Jerry Buss, Dr. Buss's date," in January 1970. (Getty)

"Dr. Jerry Buss & guest pose for photographers," June 2002. (Getty)

"Lakers owner Jerry Buss (R) and guest," November 2011. (Getty)

"Jerry Buss and guests," February 2004. (Getty)

"Actress Bai Ling and Dr. Jerry Buss pose," April 2006. (Getty)

"Dr. Jerry Buss and Bonnie-Jill Laflin," April 2005. (Getty)

"Jerry Buss, center, owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, is greeted by the Lakers Girls cheerleaders," October 2006. (Getty)

Jerry Buss and an unnamed guest. (Via)

"LA Lakers Owner Jerry Buss and his girlfriend," April 2003. (AP)

"Publisher Hugh Hefner, Lakers Owner Jerry Buss, and Playboy Playmates pose," April 2003. (AP)

"Dr. Jerry Buss, owner of the Los Angeles Lakers receiving his star in Hollywood with Sofia, Charla & Bonnie-Jill!" (Via)

"Lakers owner Jerry Buss poses with date," February 2002. (Getty)

"Los Angeles Lakers owner Dr. Jerry Buss and date," April 1999. (Getty)

No idea. (Via)

Origin Unknown. (Via)

"Businessman Jerry Buss...smiles for photographer May 13, 1980 in Los Angeles with friends Lisa Sohm, left, and Penise Blord." Penise Blord.

Penise Blord.


With Mamie Van Doren. (Via)

"Lakers co-owner Jerry Buss poses with Miss March 2002 playmate Tina Jordan," February 2002. (AP)

"Dr. Jerry Buss and guest salute with a toast." (Getty)

"Los Angeles Lakers owner Dr. Jerry Buss (C) and two unidentified friends," June 2002. (AP)

"Lakers owner Dr. Jerry Buss...with an unidentfied companion," October 2004. (AP)

Victoria Fuller and Jerry Buss at the Playboy Mansion, 2008.

"Los Angeles Lakers owner Dr. Jerry Buss (L) and actress Vivica A. Fox," June 2002. (Getty)

"Columnist James Bacon, myself and Jerry Buss owner of the Lakers basketball." (Christy Hartburg, via)

With an unidentified companion, October 1999. (AP)

With an identified companion, Paris Hilton, October 2006. (Getty)

With a single boob, June 2000.