Not long ago, Darrelle Revis was unanimously considered to be the best cornerback in the NFL. But then he missed almost the entire 2012 season due to injuries, and Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman put together an all-pro season, leading many (including Sherman) to believe that Revis had been supplanted as the league's preeminent defensive back. Add in the fact that Sherman is a prodigious trash-talker, and you've got a recipe for an antagonistic rivalry. Tensions between the two players came to a head today when Revis took a swipe at Sherman on Twitter. Sherman came back at him, and what ensued was a wonderfully silly spat.

Points to Revis for invoking Roddy White, who you might recall torching Sherman in the playoffs. But the "My business manager has more Twitter followers than you" diss is a lame one, and Revis gets a little ranty at the end there. Looks like Sherman might actually be getting under his skin. Anyway, we hope you enjoyed this cornerback fight.