The search for the worst free-throw attempt ever ends, a driver pouts like a baby, a table tennis player blows our minds, Greg Monroe gets obliterated, and some bro falls off a chair lift. Here are the best videos of the week.

OK, OK: This Is The Worst Free Throw Ever

There is no sound, only shame. Watch »

Adult Race Car Driver Turns Into Pouty Baby During Post-Race Interview

This was not "just one of those racin' deals." This was bullshit (sniffle). Watch »

This Behind-The-Back Table Tennis Shot Confused The Heck Out Of Its Victim

His opponent couldn't do anything but applaud. Watch »

Greg Monroe Will Not Be Purchasing The Poster Of This Michael Kidd-Gilchrist Dunk

The Pistons still won because, you know, the Bobcats. Watch »

Teen Falls 45 Feet From Ski Lift After Throwing Snowball At The Chair Ahead Of Him

Consider it a PSA: if you don't lower your safety bar, you're gonna have a bad time. Watch »