LeBron James was stupid good again last night. He played 34 minutes in a blowout win against the Bulls, scoring 26 points on 11-15 shooting while adding 12 rebounds and seven assists. LeBron was, however, caught in a moment of imperfection during the third quarter when he lost the handle on an uncontested dunk. It was a weird thing to see, because these days there is more evidence to suggest that LeBron James actually is perfect than there is to suggest that he's just a human being like the rest of us.

It's hard to even find ways to adequately laud James anymore. We thought he was in god mode a week ago, but things have just gotten more ridiculous since then. He's made 89 of his last 130 shots—good for a field goal percentage of 68—and he hasn't shot lower than 53 percent from the field over the last nine games. He's also banking in lefty three-pointers, just for kicks.

When LeBron first started this incredible stretch we all called it a hot streak, but what if this just the way he plays now, and the streak never ends? His dominance comes so effortlessly that it's not impossible to imagine such a scenario becoming reality. So if you hate LeBron James, enjoy watching his blown dunk a few more times. Such displays of mortality are growing scarce.