Last night, a fan interrupted the Knicks-Raptors game in Toronto—during the fourth quarter, when the teams was within two—by running out on to the court and circling around a bit. His foray was short lived, as you can see in the photo above, and we salute the quick work of security personnel at the Air Canada Centre. One aspect of the incident was intriguing, however: the fan's t-shirt (pictured above, being pulled off) reportedly said "Go Raps Go" on the front and, even more mystifyingly, "Bucket List" on the back. Whose bucket list has "disrupt a February Toronto Raptors game" on it, and what else would be on that bucket list?

• Interrupt a trial during sentencing
• Interrupt the climactic final scene of a movie while wearing a shirt that says "I Love Movies"
• Get tased at the opera
• Lightly razz Vince Carter
• Have a friendly drink with Matt Bonner
• Obtain GED or Canadian equivalent
• Say a swear


Alas, none of those things are on that fan's bucket list—having achieved his ultimate dream, he promptly died on the court. (Not really.)