Remember when Manti Te'o was boring? I remember half-watching the Heisman ceremony in December and thinking that Te'o seemed like a non-entity—someone who made Collin Klein, a man about whom the most interesting facts are the extra "L" in his first name and that he basically didn't touch his wife before they got married—seem scintillating. Te'o struck many as a deer in headlights well before the Kekua saga, and now he's retreating down that path again, just a big ol' football guy with not much he's willing (or able) to talk about except being a big ol' football guy. Unless he's in the green room on draft day, Manti Te'o's media availability today at the NFL scouting combine, during which he wore that shirt to distract attention from the fake girlfriend angle, might be our last tiny glimpse of Interesting Te'o for years. It was a wild five weeks.

Anyway, here's what went on, more or less, in case you were outside or not watching Twitter or the NFL Network today, a Saturday, one of a limited number of Saturdays you'll ever experience on this earth:

And then it was over. We'll have video soon, just to savor the moment. Bye, Interesting Te'o!