This Is One Of The Craziest Buzzer-Beaters You Will Ever See | If you've ever thought just throwing the ball up in the air and letting time expire was a good idea, just watch. Mt. Vernon tries to do it with a half-assed toss and New Rochelle gets the ball back and splashes a half-court shot with .1 left. Absolutely bonkers. Read »

OKC Thunder Forward Serge Ibaka Just Karate Chopped Blake Griffin In The Nuts | It remains to be seen whether he'll get fined or suspended or deported. Metta World Peace would already be in handcuffs. Read »

How To Cook Bacon, Eggs, And Toast: A Guide For Infomercial Skeptics | The point here is that cooking eggs, in a goddamn pan, and then advancing from cooking eggs in a goddamn pan to enjoying the eating of those very same eggs on a plate, is fucking outrageously easy. Read »

Here's A Photo Of UCLA Head Coach Ben Howland, In A Tracksuit, Playing Beer Pong With Students Last Night | Even cooler than the tracksuit? Rad, disheveled Ben Howland admiring Shabazz Muhammad's shooting technique. Read »

Alex Rodriguez Only Gave $5,090 Of The $403,862 He Raised For Charity To Charity | It's been a while since anyone thought Alex Rodriguez was a stand-up guy, but this seems...egregious: Read »

Pitcher Forgets He Is Playing Baseball, Tackles Runner Trying To Score | The next pitch is wild and instead of covering the plate, the pitcher takes off for the runner breaking for home and absolutely levels him. It is a textbook takedown. Read »

LeBron Considering Magic Johnson's $1 Million To Compete In The Dunk Contest | Some people want to see James in the contest so bad that hypothetically, they'd probably bribe the star with like a million bucks to partake. Read »