Welcome back to Dead Letters, the feature in which we reprint our favorite fan mail from throughout the week. It's like Deleted Scenes, but without all the scuzz money. We should take this moment to remind you that all emails to Deadspin and its editors are on the record unless otherwise specified. Now for your letters.

Subject: I founded Bleacher Report, here's my response to you guys...

From: Bryan Goldberg
To: The Staff

You guys have written a ton about Bleacher Report in the last few months.

Here is my response to you guys.

I addressed my response to Will Leitch rather than Deadspin, since he is a good writer and decent guy, whereas Deadspin is full of crap when it covers BR.


From: Tommy Craggs
To: Bryan Goldberg
CC: The Staff


Subject: Panthers

From: Matt Lee
To: The Staff

Fuck off if you ever go after my owner again ill spend every last minute of my life bringing down this joke of a website I'm a sports fan I don't give a shit about teo or lance or the fact that the owner of my team made a bunch of money in a billion dollar industry y'all are pathetic, what's next a story on Michael Jordan's shoe company making lots of money. I want to know things about sports you stupid GOD DAMN FUCKING IDIOTS
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Subject: You blow

From: Matt Lee
To: The Staff

You blow
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Subject: No really though

From: Matt Lee
To: The Staff


Subject: You suck

From: Matt Lee
To: The Staff

You suck

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Subject: F

From: Matt Lee
To: The Staff


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Subject: [no subject]

From: Matt Lee
To: The Staff

Your site is the Richard Sherman of the Internet and not his play on the field your his childish off the field antics

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Subject: brandon mccarthy

From: Chris H.
To: Tom Ley

read your piece. the clickable ad words sprinkled throughout is worse crap than what danny knobler had to say.

From: Tom Ley
To: Chris H.

Those aren't ads. They are intentionally placed hyperlinks to related stories.

From: Chris H.
To: Tom Ley

no i know which are the hyperlinks to stories - words like "grinder" "people" "complete" etc. are clickable on my computer to ads. hmmm, so that's not a deadspin ad revenue implanted thing?

From: Tom Ley
To: Chris H.

That means you have some kind of virus. Sorry bro.

From: Chris H.
To: Tom Ley

awesome. thanks for the heads up. /throws computer out window.

Subject: Boeheim piece

From: Olin Macgregor
To: Tim Burke

Not very credible stuff .. As an alum I have my own sources at that indicate your source was Onondaga Community College crackpot ..

Secondly the NCAA investigation has to do with academics that resulted in 2 suspensions from team play - - Fab Melo last year and Southerland this season.

The basketball team's academic advisor was terminated for poor performance. Fab Melo was a Brazilian with mix English capability - - more speaking than writing, hence no surprise. Southerland this season was exonerated after a flap ..

Concerning the imagery you posted, it looks like a very good Photoshop effort. That's all I have for reporting by anatomical features like you.

Subject: General Enquiry

From: AD International
To: AD International
BCC: The Staff

Hi there

We would like to start distributing your products as we have been having alot of demand for them recently. Could you possibly advise us to how to go about this?

Kind regards and thank you in advance.

John Law

Subject: ORDER

From: shop101 shop101
To: Albert Burneko

Am Mr.Roger Miller from shop441 and will like to place an order regarding some Lobsters . I will appreciate you email me back with the price per kilo as well as your method of payment. Thank you very much and waiting for your prompt responds. Happy new year.

Mr.Roger Miller.

Subject: manufacture ice hockey gloves

From: SJA international
To: Jack Dickey, John Koblin, Drew Magary

Dear Sir/Madam,

We wish to avail this opportunity to introduce ourselves that we are t manufacturer
We are providing high quality products with very competitive rates. .We assure you having seen our samples and prices you will be very interested by working with our firm.
Looking forward to here from you soon.

Thanking you with
Best regards
Yours truly

MR Suleman Javaid.....

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Phone number +923156127170

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