Maniac Football Coach Teams With Maniac Basketball Player To Deliver Watered-Down Gordon Gekko Speech To Impressionable Young Browns

This is just an unbelievably cursed combination of proper nouns: Browns head coach Gregg Williams used help from retired coin-operated fortune-teller Phil Jackson to arrange for dead-eyed thinkfluencer Kobe Bryant to deliver a motivational talk to his young team ahead of their week 15 game this past weekend.

Dave Joerger Wildly Overshoots The Mark While Clarifying Excessively Pro-Luka Dončić Comments

The good young Kings beat the good young Mavericks on Sunday, in Luka Dončić’s first career regular season game against the team that unexpectedly passed on drafting him with the second overall pick back in June. Dončić had 28 points on 15 shots and was excellent; Marvin Bagley III, whom the Kings selected ahead of

Kelly Slater Pulled Off A Miraculous Mid-Wave Recovery After Falling Off His Board

Here we have 46-year-old surf dude Kelly Slater getting mega pitted at Billabong Pipe Masters this weekend and living to tell the tale. Slater won his matchup against Brazilian surfer Filipe Toledo, though the most impressive thing he did was get back on his board after eating a wave. Slater was pretty much all the…