Bryce Harper Ejected For Arguing Balls And Strikes, Once Again Goes Apeshit

One thing Phillies fans have yet to experience much of is new slugger Bryce Harper’s at-times contentious relationship with baseball’s umpires. He has been known to shout “fuck you” at them; they have been known to eject him for mysterious reasons. In general the two sides seem to harbor quite a bit of mutual resentment

Bar-Hopping Easter Bunny Takes No Prisoners In Brutal Orlando Street Fight

Easter is not just a time to be reminded of Jesus’s miraculous resurrection by the stirring comeback win of Tiger Woods at Augusta. It is also apparently a time for the Easter Bunny to jump into a street fight with bad intentions and land heavy blows on one of the participants, as apparently happened in Orlando:

Former UFC Fighter Rodrigo De Lima Killed Following Altercation With Rideshare Driver

Former UFC fighter Rodrigo de Lima was killed Sunday in a fatal Uber incident that somehow does not involve the company’s new self-driving brigade. According to reports, de Lima had an argument and “altercation” with Uber driver Jefferson Roger Maciel Barata, which ended with de Lima leaving Barata’s vehicle on foot…

Trump Fed Nominee Stephen Moore Was Very Upset About Women In Sports Just As A General Thing

Stephen Moore has built a long career in and around conservative politics by repeatedly advocating for the government to cut taxes. He is not great at it, but it is a quirk of that job that he doesn’t really have to be great at it, or even good at it. He just needs to do exactly what’s expected of him, always. Moore’s…

This Was Supposed to Be a Story About a Bizarre Anti-Vaccine Rally and a Sedated Bear. Then It Got Weird.

This world is full of surprises, some of them involving anti-vaccine activists, sedated bears, and the small-scale production of literal fake news. A couple of weeks ago, I thought I was working on a quick, weird story about an anti-vaccine activist in Florida who was attempting to hold a rally in her hometown…