These Seahawks Fans Tried To Watch Last Week's Game In Silence, For $5k

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What Fox Sports did to this group of Seahawks fans is just plain cruel. Hilarious, but cruel.

A group of diehard Seahawks fans were invited to the Fox Sports studios to watch last week's NFC Championship game. At first, they probably thought they were in for a pretty great day—just look at that inviting couch and those delicious snacks—but then Joel Klatt walked his ass into the room and told these guys that they would win $5,000 if they could manage to watch the entire game in complete silence. That's fucked up, Joel Klatt!

The ensuing footage is, of course, hilarious. The guys ended up missing out on the money thanks to Richard Sherman's heroics, but you can't really fault them for that. Only the world's biggest sourpuss could manage not to flip out after watching that play.