A Few Super Bowl Odds 'N Ends

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The NFL spent Wednesday sweeping up any loose glass, chunks of shrapnel or other dangerous debris left over from the Super Bowl. Among the league's findings:

Holmgren did not snub Cowher after the game. Apparently a bone of contention among some Steelers fans, the NFL did an exhaustive investigation and found that: "The coaches were supposed to meet and shake hands at the 25-yard line, but they were confused as to which of the two 25-yard lines it was. They each went to different ones." Ha. Sounds a lot like the game.

• The NFL also found that the game "was properly officiated, including, as in most NFL games, some tight plays that produced disagreement about the calls made by the officials," spokesman Greg Aiello said in a statement. Seahawks fans would respectfully disagree.

• Meanwhile, Steelers owner Dan Rooney has accepted an invitation from President Bush for the Steelers to visit the White House. When Bush called early Wednesday, he asked if he had awakened Rooney. "Yes Mr. President, you did," said Rooney, a Democrat.


• And, more controversy concerning Sunday's officiating ... at the Puppy Bowl. Here's this, from Planet Haystack: "The aftermath of SBXL is that everybody and his step-brother will whine about the lack of alleged crisp play or the lack of coherent officiating ... what-evvvv-vuhhhh. The real crime on Sunday may've been the way that the white poodle was never flagged for a lot of mischief. I'd've thrown her out."

We agree; that dog was out of control.